My Motor Bikes

My Motor Bikes

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        My First Vehicule (1960)          My Second Bike (1960/1961)                   My Third Bike 1961 (Archive Photo)

After the AJS 350 I had my first car, a 1950s Austin A40 followed by several MGs and others (see my car page)
A few years later in London I continued with Bikes again starting with the Honda 50

I have no photos of my AJS or BSA, so I used photos from the web

My Fourth Bike (1969)                    My Fifth Bike (1970)                      My Sixth Bike 1972 (Archive Photo)    

My Bikes in France
My second, third and fourth Bikes in France were various 125cc models including Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda but I have no photos of them.

      My Seventh Bike (1978)                  My Eleventh Bike (1998)                 My Twelfth Bike (2002)      

         My Thirteenth Bike (2006)                      My Forteenth Bike (2013)