24th June 2018
Mr Iain,
This little note to say how much we appreciated the discovery of your beautiful country, your attentions, your translations, your explanations.
The entire Group has noticed your desire to accomplish your task for the best, your cool, because (3 to 4 people), and even more their assenting companions, assaulted you odiously the first day and afterwards. We keep, in spite of them, a good memory of our guide and of this country.


Thanks - 2018

Tips envelope - June 2019

Fairy photos at Invermoriston
From: Isabel Comtois Date: 25/09/2019 07:35:20
To: Subject: Remerciements (Thanks)
Merci Iain pour ce magnifique voyage
(Thank you Iain for this wonderful trip)
votre pays est splendide, (your country is splendid)
il me manque déjà. (I already miss it.)
Bonne journée (Good Day) Louis et Isabel
From: Isabel Comtois Date: 19/09/2019 20:25:16
To: Subject: Fée (Fairy)
L’endroit où j’ai photographié la Fée
(The place where I photographed the Fairy)
sur la river Moriston (on the river Moriston)
De: Isabel Comtois Date: 09/03/2021 17:43:47 À:
Nous aussi, nous avons bien hâte de recommencer à voyager.
(We too, can't wait to start traveling again.)
Je garderai toujours en ma mémoire votre si beau pays.
(I will always keep in my memory your beautiful country.)
Je vous souhaite pleins de groupes de gentilles personnes à accompagner.
(I wish you lots of groups of nice people to accompany.)
Merci et bonne journée. Isabel Comtois. (Thank you and good day.)

Satisfaction forms - May & June 2019