The Shetland Isles Tour via Orkney

(All Tours can be extended if required)

Tour of Shetland via Orkney, the West, North and East Coasts of Scotland

Total 8 days (7 nights) for two people with the guide

(Total cost of the 4 crossings)

Pentland Ferries from Gill's Bay to St. Margaret's Hope

(Orkney Ferry Prices for 2018)

Car £76.00 +Driver et Passengers £32.00 per person + Child £16.00 (return)

Northlink Overnight Ferries from Kirkwall, Orkney to Lerwick, Shetland
(Shetland Ferry Prices for 2018)

Car £182.00 + Driver et Passengers £41.40 per person + Child £20.60

(mid-season June and September)

Car £206.00 + Driver et Passengers £49.30 per person + Child £24.70

(peak season July and August)

2 Berth Cabin (one way) outer £48 to £57 - inner £36.50 to £42 (Orkney to Shetland overnight Ferry)

The Nights (about £35 to £55 per night and per person)

Suggested Route

Day 1 Arrive in Inverness, night in Inverness

 Day 2 Inverness to Ullapool, West Coast to Durness, then to Gill's Bay for the Ferry to Orkney,


Northern Highlands


Ferry from Gill's Bay 16.30 (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Short tour of Orkney, Scara Brea, Stennes etc.

Scara Brae (5000 yrs)

Ring of Brodgar

The Standing Stones of Stennes

Ferry from Kirkwall to Shetland 23.45 (Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)

Sunrise by Fair Isle

Shetland Approach

Lerwick Shetland

Night on the Ferry for Shetland Arrive in Lerwick 07.30

Day 3 Arrive in Lerwick, tour the south of Shetland, night at Sumburgh

Fulmars at Sumburgh

Jarlshof at Sumburgh

Guillemots at Sumburgh

Day 4 Depart Sumburgh Arrive in Unst, night at Saxa Vord, Unst

Day 5 Tour of Unst visit to Hermaness Reserve,

Puffin at Hermaness


Skua at Hermaness

night at Saxa Vord, Unst

Day 6 Depart from Unst and return to Lerwick

Depart from Lerwick,Shetland (16.30 Arrivé à Kirkwall (23.30), night in Orkney

Day 7 Brief visit to Kirkwall.

Kirkwall Harbour

Kirkwall Palace

Kirkwall St Magnus

Ferry from St. Margaret's Hope 14.45 (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Ferry to Gill's Bay and return to Inverness via John O'Groats and Wick,

Seals at Gill's Bay

John O'Groats


Night in Inverness

Day 8 Depart from Inverness

To best appreciate the Shetlands, at least 5 or 6 days are recommended on the Isles

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